Kazimierz Jankowski


Goldsmiths MFA Degree Show (2016)
Reading from 'Girl with the Fjallraven Rucksack' open studio with Sabina Donelly. Ian Law. Mineo Kato. Kazimierz Jankowski (2016)
Glass Dick Intimacies Symposium, Goldsmiths University (2015)
Unfinished Novel Paintings
A Year In Fashion (2014-15) trilogy 2014-2015
K-Stew Posters ongoing (2015)
Patches (2014)



1 & 2-PERSON THINGS: In Bloom Kazimierz Jankowski & Jennifer Bailey, London (2012) ------- Nastassja Kinski with Olivier Castel, Barbican Gallery, London (2010) -------The Light of Lamps with Olivier Castel, Curzon Cinema Soho, London (2009) ------- The Omega Man curated by Katie Guggenheim, Martin Creed's Project Space, London (2008)

Review of Uriel Orlow's 'Mafavuke and Other Stories', The Showroom Gallery, 2016
'Feeding, Cleaning, Looping' Interview with Ian Law - LD50 Gallery 'Supplement Me', 2016
What is The Degree Show?, 2015
Review of Edward Thomasson's 'The Present Tense' - The Chisenhale Gallery, 2014

GROUP THINGS: MFA Degree Show (2016) Goldsmiths University, London ------- A reading from upcoming fiction work 'Prologue' (2016) open studio with Sabina Donelly. Ian Law. Mineo Kato. Kazimierz Jankowski, London ------- Supplement Me (2016) LD50 Gallery, London ------- Intimacies Conference (2015) Goldsmiths University, London ------- X100. An exhibition of books from 100 launches(2013) for GeneralInquiry.net at X Marks the Bokship, London ------- Dan Graham at Das Weisse Haus (2012) Das Weisse Haus, Vienna ------- Joint Ventures (2012) Space in Between, London, Monaco Magazine Issue 6 (2012) Launch at David Roberts Arts Foundation, London ------- Wayne 2008 (2012) CCA Kitakyushu, Japan ------- We Ate Whale (2011) CCA Kitakyushu, Japan ------- In Bloom (2011) Space in Between, London ------- Maman (2011) Space in Between, London ------- Annual One (2010) Space in Between, London ------- Cinepool pool ULU Swimming Pool (2010) ------- Monaco Magazine Issue 2 ICA London (2010) ------- My Kingdom (2009), Space in Between, London ------- Rob Pruits Flea Market, Tate Modern (2009) ------- Melrose Place (2009) James Taylor Gallery, London ------- Kenneth Anger: The Films (2009) Space in Between, London ------- Publish and Be Damned (2009), London -------Menu (2009) Savoy Cafe, curated by Katie Guggenheim, London ------- Yes Way! (2009) Auto Italia, London ------- The Dark Show Returns as a Ghost (2009) Paradise Row, London ------- The Dark Show 2 (2008) FormContent, London ------- The Dark Show 1 (2008) Wallis Gallery

CURATORIAL: www.GeneralInquiry.net (now defunct)