How long will I be here? Said John, beholding the queue. In addition, he was worried that the girl to his back would see the sweat on his neck. John wasn’t angry just slightly exasperated at how extended this whole experience was taking, which in addition to his neck at this point becoming extraordinarily wet with sweat, made things less rather than more sustainable than they might otherwise have been in a different life. The shop sign had an emblem exploiting a red font. He could see now that this insignia was printed on all of the clothes of everyone waiting so good naturedly in the queue. It was still long and slow, but at least now he was in front of the window of the shop that he desired above all things to call in on. When he’d first joined the queue he’d had to stand next to a bakery and it was inside this bakery that he could see lots of different types of bread…In the window there had been a bicycle with a basket containing many different types. John thought all the bread looked marvelously charming just like a beautiful painting, although he had felt dizzy and anorexic looking at it during this particular phase of his life… This present shop sold skateboards, but it also sold clothes. There was a big sculpture hanging from the ceiling with light absconding from under it. It looked bright and peripherally religious and made John finally feel good about himself. One could say that it that it almost made him feel safe… A posse of Asian tourists now stood behind him, which had the added bonus of making him feel no suggestions from the street. Some people left and some went in and the bouncer who wore an earpiece and a microphone and a black polyester bomber jacket, would enormously profit everyone who entered by holding the door ajar for them. Being close to this doorman made John less annoyed now because it permitted him to intuit the grander scheme of things. But John suddenly felt plain edgy again because of a loud noise that could abruptly be heard. A large vehicle? Maybe it was a large crane falling over? Or a bomb? John was in the middle of the queue, which nevertheless made him feel extremely safe. To avoid feeling no suggestions he made a list of everything in the shop that he could see which was something his esteemed psychiatrist had told him to do when he was just 9 years old. This coping strategy had a name that John could remember well...because afterall he did experience it when he was very young! He began to make this list. He established an intellectual inventory of two large windows and one smaller window. Under these windows were two wooden panels and an air vent. Each window had four sections to it as well as two wooden doors. One wooden door you couldn’t see through or possibly open it. It had a picture of the red emblem on it. It also had a glass panel and there was a postbox just to the right of the door and a silver doorbell. Except for the window everything was black and the bouncer, too, was dressed in black. He saw a long bench with bags and coats on. Also, he saw an aluminum stairwell underneath the whopping sculpture. Under the sculpture was an utter mystery. If I never make it into the store I can only imagine what this mystery would be, ruminated John quietly. But by this point he was 90 percent wet with sweat regardless. He closed his eyes and thought of the girl behind him looking at the swelter on his neck.. Near to the misted glass door was the till that offered plenty of wheels and axels for shoppers to obtain should they feel the need and they could be returned within 28 days if they had not been expended in any shape or form. On the left of the till were colourful skateboards hanging from the wall. Can I procure one? Thought John… but he was still baffled. He looked to the right to see a wall that was a picture of peeling wallpaper. The yellow and brown of the wallpaper John regarded like it was a magical hoax drawing. It looked like a giant fish with scales filmed with a passé lens…but only if he shut his eyes using a secret technique. Immediately he was hungry and ate some chocolate that was in his pocket at which point he was astounded that his hand smelt of perfume. He munched upon the chocolate and felt powerless. On the verge of tears his toe touched the doormans toe and he felt nervous. Perfume sampler cards were on the floor unseen to them both. He looked up to apologize. He was panicky but alas! He was quickly inside the store before he knew it himself… He was finally inside and the queue stretched behind him long like a tooth in the street. He added his coat to the bench and took a sneaky peek at the sculpture… though John didn’t look at the sculpture now because he had consolidated privately to hoard it until a later date. An Irish voice shouted from a storage cupboard but the skateboard decks engrossed John. There were 3 decks with burned cigarettes festooned on them. The images were of a fantastic level of quality and John could see the ash of the burned cigarette in a ton of detail. He looked at the boards for a long time because they were so detailed and once more felt like crying. Instead he let out a sigh and looked at a separate wall, which looked authentic because the photos on it had scratches attached to them - they looked extraordinarily old. A puddle suddenly appeared next to Johns shoe: which was puzzling. He understood it was the result of his sweat that was running down his leg and had now grouped together on the floor. The Irish man was twirling with a shoe and a customer and was 2 meters approximately now from John. John senselessly untied and tied his shoes so he could see the liquid better: a ruse John thought cleverly alongside a chortle. He thought about trying to further spread it around. John, again, tied his shoes taking longer this time….meanwhile he saw the Irish man go into the storage cupboard. It was now or never. The liquid was a mirror and Johns plait came adjacent to its surface and he moved the water with his hand and made it look vastly flatter. He did this more and more, fastening his eyes on the cupboard to ensure there wasn’t an exposure of any style. The puddle more or less disappeared…then John walked towards the girl and descended behind her down the stairs. He was immensely eager about the floating sculpture and the light. Additionally, John’s body sweated immensely. The lights maybe made him sweat a lot and also his sad excitement. John’s tracksuit bottoms were similar to a drainpipe now and his pores resembled no suggestions, the consequence of which was that his clothes had become tremendously overstretched because of all the water that had got lodged inside the very fabric itself and had therefore made them hilariously heavy. He now found himself dragging his trousers along the floor behind him akin to no suggestions. The room was anything but special. It had many clothes to see there and in the middle was a glass table which a jumper had been choreographed for all and sundry to witness. This was the belly of the beast and the water had endeavored to form a veritable cocoon around him…but sadly the water was not successful at doing so. It dripped on and on, not only out from his feet but successfully from his ankles and hands. The sweat was beginning to become a problem... He stared at a hoody that was very long and had a tumescent insignia central to it. His hand exchanged moisture to the hoody due to his hand holding it so damn tight. A shop assistant saw that John was unhappy. Can I help you?, Uhmm yes said John, do you do this in a smaller iteration?. His hand was still viciously tight on the hoody, contributing more sweat to it second by second... Sorry, all the hoody stock is on the floor…but that hoody is fine to be large., Ok uttered John. His hand stopped riveting on the hoody so tightly. John enjoyed the hoody but it was truly expensive…more expensive even than in his wildest dreams. He pulled out his phone to take a picture, but it epiphanically broke because of the moisture. John looked for a parched section on his clothes but everything was super wet. Damn this ongoing perspiration! John fouled to himself under his breath… Phones aren’t allowed in the store trumpeted the shop assistant at John, who thinly put it away. Since he last checked he was sweating more than ever. Large quantities of liquid came out of his skin which he didn’t have any hope in hell of hiding. Water radiated from his ankles, cuffs and face. He couldn’t even stand in one location for a duration preciselybecause of the water. People slipped and grabbed metal clothes rails. The water made it to the height of the glass table in the center of the room that demonstrated clothes on its upper surface. The water seeped over the edge of the table and onto the garment which absorbed some water and soared back down again to the glass's upper surface yet again. The sweat had obtained a reputation… People were doing their best to get out of the room and hauled each other for influence in order to deal with this exponential torrent. The girl stood in the water, which by now was 3 feet in height. She stared at John with an expression that intimately expressed to John that she knew of his responsibility vis-a-vis this scenario. She was disturbingly fixed as the water rose slowly up the length of her body, which both confused and alarmed John. He couldn’t move towards her because of the water coming from his body hindered a one-way propulsion. By accident he moved passed her at great speed, so, he turned around and used the water from his body to boost him forward with vast control this time around. He had to maneuver past baseball caps and beanies to ultimately reach her and one beanie had the nerve to attempt to grapple his earing, nevertheless John shouted to wake her up as the water had nearly elevated above her beyond all proportion to her. All at once, when she was finally covered in water, her whole body floated upward like shit and John felt mercy and relief since she was now able to breath bobbing on her back like she was. She was deadly still now and apeared to John a museum mummy because her arms crossed themselves over and her eyes were dazzling. John wagered not to touch her at this moment and as an alternative he moved his head to breath air from the small gap between this bad flow and the ceiling. Amidst the poor excitement were skateboard decks and plastic bags which escaped from a variety of cupboards and now floated everywhere. He could see lower than him at the bottom of the water all of the clothes stock and he was wide-eyed that there seemed to be not much there because the store was so bulbous. The water went above his head and everything went black. A small aspect of electricity passed through his body and now it was dark and John held on to the girl’s arm and took a large breath of water. He closed his eyes at this particular moment and saw a mummy and was startled by his thought that failed to disrobe any fear any longer.